Empowering Women in Uganda Through Thoughtful Gifting - Pt. 1

As the founder of Kimberly Cole Signature Gifts, I've always believed that the true essence of gifting transcends the physical item; it's about the emotional resonance and the connection it fosters. I was deeply honored when the Sister Hype Squad approached us with a heartfelt mission: to uplift and inspire 45 women in a remote village in Uganda. This project was not just an opportunity to extend our reach but a profound moment to touch lives and make a tangible difference.

The Genesis of the Project

The journey began with a simple yet powerful idea: to craft gifts that would not only delight but also empower the women receiving them. I wanted these gifts to be a beacon of hope, a source of inspiration, and a symbol of solidarity from thousands of miles away. The challenge was significant but deeply meaningful: to create something that resonated with the cultural context and personal experiences of these women.

Crafting the Gifts


With a heart full of hope and hands eager to create, we embarked on designing the gift packages. The one of a kind artwork design was carefully created.  Our team took great care to create a design that included their rich culture... shades of yellows, greens, oranges and a sun to signify hope, new beginnings and joy.  Central to our ensemble was a beautifully crafted, hardback inspirational book, a product of our very own ColeKtive Press. Translating the book into the local language was a conscious decision to ensure that every word we shared could be felt and understood, breaking the barriers of language and distance.




  The next piece of the puzzle was the journal kits. I wanted these kits to be a canvas for the women to express themselves, to write their stories, and to paint their dreams. Each kit included markers, pens, glitter glue, scissors, washi tape, and a rhinestone-encrusted mirror, symbolizing reflection and self-expression.




But what's an expression without a touch of elegance? In collaboration with our sister company, Wristfully Thinking, we designed semi-precious gemstone bracelets, each a harmony of jade, hematite, and handmade polymer clay beads. These weren't just bracelets; they were reminders of strength, balance, and beauty, intricately crafted to resonate with the spirit of the women we were reaching out to.   





The Personal Touch

 Perhaps the most heartfelt addition to our gifts were the personalized prayer cards. I penned down a different prayer for each of the 45 women. Each prayer was a whisper of hope, a note of encouragement, and a pledge of solidarity from one woman to another, from one heart to another.

The Journey and the Destination

Packing these gifts was an emotional process. Every tote bag, every bubble mailer carried within it stories of hope and aspirations for a brighter tomorrow. As these packages embarked on their journey from the USA to Uganda, it was a moment of reflection for me. The physical distance these gifts traveled was immense, but the emotional distance they bridged was immeasurable.

The Ripple Effect

The completion of this project was not the end but the beginning of a beautiful relationship. The joy, the gratitude, and the emotions that poured in from the women in Uganda were overwhelming. It was a testament to the power of thoughtful giving and the universal language of love and care.

Looking back, I realize that this project was not just about delivering gifts; it was about delivering hopes, dreams, and a promise of a connected world. It's experiences like these that reinforce my belief: it's not just the gift, but what the gift does. And in this case, it brought smiles, it sparked joy, and it united hearts, transcending oceans and continents. And for me, at Kimberly Cole Signature Gifts, that's the most beautiful journey of all.

~Kimberly, MBA

CEO, Business Development


Pt. 2 is coming soon! An Interview with Adelia Johnson, Founder of Sister Hype Squad. 

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